Delhi police officer accused of raping and abusing children

Delhi police officer accused of raping and abusing children

A Delhi police official has been arrested after allegedly sexually assaulting and abusing three children at his home, police said on Saturday.

The officer, a member of the Central Police Force (CPL), has been detained, said police officer Rakesh Bajpai.

Police said the officer, who is in his early 50s, is suspected of having sexually assaulted the children and having made the three children watch videos on a mobile phone while he was away at home on Saturday and Sunday.

The children, aged between nine and 15, said they were at home with their mother when the officer entered their room.

He allegedly made them watch a video of him in which he raped the boys and abused them.

“The accused entered the room while the children were watching a video and touched them,” police said in a statement.

He then told the children he would watch them on a laptop and later took the children to the police station where he allegedly sexually assaulted them.

Police have arrested the officer on Saturday evening.