How the Bengaluru-based Tata Sons umbrella academy is reinventing its name and reputation

How the Bengaluru-based Tata Sons umbrella academy is reinventing its name and reputation

BENGALURU: The new umbrella academy at the heart of the Tata Sons conglomerate is taking the reins of the Bengalurus umbrella academy network, a move that is likely to give it an even bigger foothold in the state.

It has set up a subsidiary umbrella academy, Beds, in Bengaluru.

Its parent company, Tata Sons, is now also the owner of the umbrella academy in Bengal.

The umbrella academy had operated under the umbrella umbrella of the TSS umbrella academy group in India since 2009.

The umbrella academy has expanded from an academy that had its first campus in Delhi to its Bengaluru campus, with more than 100 students.

The academy now has more than 2,500 students.

A team of senior Tata Sons employees visited Bengaluru on Monday and will be staying for two months in the newly-established umbrella academy to work on improving the organisation.

The academy’s CEO P.R.N. Bhatnagar said the new umbrella school is in its “early stages” and has yet to finalise its curriculum, but said its first enrolment will be in the first half of next year.

The Bengaluru umbrella academy was launched in December 2017.

It now has over 2,700 students, mostly students from the south-eastern states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

The Tata Sons group owns Tata Group, a private conglomerate that includes Tata Sons Automobiles, which makes some of its cars.

The company’s new umbrella academies are part of a plan to develop and grow its umbrella chain across India.

It has set ambitious targets of doubling its umbrella academy footprint and establishing more academies in the next three to five years.

Tata Sons has also partnered with the Bengalureans umbrella academy consortium to provide a range of services to students, including the introduction of online courses, the expansion of the academy’s services, and the development of its online library.