How to be an academic in the digital age

How to be an academic in the digital age

5 umbrella academy article The Irish Academy of Arts and Sciences has published a guide for students to “prepare for the future” in the light of the Brexit vote, as the academy prepares for a change in the way its funding is allocated.

The guide outlines the different ways in which the academy’s money is allocated, with a focus on how its funding might be spent in the coming years.

The guidance, which has been released as a guide to its new “digital academy” in collaboration with the Irish Independent, is based on the latest research in academia on how to prepare for Brexit.

In the first part of the guide, entitled “Preparing for the Brexit,” the academy describes how Brexit will impact on its future funding.

The academy, which is based in Galway, received £2.3 million in the 2016-17 budget, and is now facing a £4 million reduction.

“The future of the academy depends on its ability to attract and retain talented scholars,” the guide reads.

“Brexit will result in a decrease in funding for the academy.

It will be difficult to attract more scholars, particularly from outside of Ireland, to work in the academy after Brexit.”

A spokesperson for the institute, which runs its own academy in Cork, said the academy had been “proud” of its relationship with the government for more than a century.

“We have been a part of Irish institutions for nearly 100 years, with the support of the Government and the institutions it supports,” the spokesperson said.

“While we cannot predict all the future, we are focused on supporting our institutions in their future endeavours.”

The academy has a number of partners, including the Royal Irish Academy, which provides its own scholarship for young scholars.

The spokesperson said the partnership with the Royal Academy would be strengthened after Brexit, with “the full support of its government partners”.

The guide was published on Monday and has been shared with universities across the country, including those that receive grants from the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht.

The new academy will have an opening reception on Wednesday at the University of Northern Ireland, where the institute currently has its own centre.

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