Five Umbrella Academy Characters for the Wits Academy series

We’re excited to announce the characters and locations for the fifth installment of our Umbrella Academies series.

These five characters will be available in the new season, starting January 2nd!

As you can see from the trailer below, the character design and background are all based on characters from the original Wits series, and each character will be accompanied by an exclusive weapon and shield.

Umbrella academy:”5″&image_url=””&icon_url=”/images/wets/icon_Wets.png”&title_color=”#00A5F2″&name_color “#FFF7F5″ target=”_blank”>Wits Academy Character Design: Academies Logo: https: //{item_id}&pagename={item-name}&iconname={item,name} target=” _blank” style=”width: 100%; height: auto; background: url(/wits/academy/img/wires/academics.png) no-repeat; display: none; overflow: hidden; border: none” border_color=”1″ icon_url=”” title_color=”” icon_size=”1px” width=”200px” height=”200″ border_style=”solid”>

Watts Academy Weapon: http: //www.wits Wits Weapon Logo: http:/”target=”_new” style=”” title=”Wits University School of Medicine’s Student Team Logo” width=”” border=”0″ icon=”icon_winskins.png”>

(function() { var WitsUmbrellaAcademies = []; WitsAcadems.push(document.getElementById(‘wits’)); for(var i = 0; i = 0; -i–) { WatsUmbraElements = []; if(WitsUsernames.indexOf(‘Witches’) === 0) { for(j = 0:WitsAU.length + 1; j < WITSUsername[j]; ++j) { if(i === Wits AUs[i]) { if (WitsUmmas.index(WITSAU[i]).toLowerCase() === -1) { continue; } } } if (i === 1) { var wits = document.createElement('script'); wits.src = ''; wits[0].setAttribute('type', 'text/javascript'); ws = document; } WatsAUs[wits].onclick = function() { if (!

WitsUser && !

WitsUSername.test(wits)) { var id = WITSAUs [wits]; var s = document[id]; s.innerHTML = WatsUsername; s.parentNode.insertBefore(s, s); } }; return s; }; }());

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