Pacific Coast Academy (WCAA) announced its acquisition of the WGU Academy, a blockchain based curriculum platform

Pacific Coast Academy (WCAA) announced its acquisition of the WGU Academy, a blockchain based curriculum platform

By Daniel D. StuckeyThe WGU Education Academy (WGUEA) is a blockchain-based curriculum platform that was announced last week and has been announced as an acquisition by Pacific coast Academy (PCCA).

The acquisition is expected to close in the coming weeks.

WGUEA will remain the parent company of the academy.WGUDA Academy, which was founded in October 2018, is a collaborative educational platform designed to deliver a blockchain education for the entire world.

The WGCA is a collaboration between the WGCHA and the WGABA.

The WGACA will operate WGUAA.

WguAA is a curriculum platform for learning in the WGCA, the World Health Organization’s global healthcare sector.

WguAA’s goal is to provide a fully accessible and connected healthcare delivery system for people, which is built on the principles of interoperability, data privacy and open data.

WGDAB will work with WGUBA to facilitate and oversee the development of the platform.WGDA, which has over 25 million members and is based in Los Angeles, California, is committed to advancing blockchain-as-a-service solutions and innovations to accelerate innovation and accelerate delivery.

The platform will leverage the expertise of WGUDA’s team of engineers and developers to develop and deliver solutions that empower healthcare delivery and deliver on their core mission of providing the world with better access to the world’s best healthcare.

For more information on the WGI and WGU, please visit www.wgu.com and www.pacificcoastacademy.org.

For more information about the WGL, please see www.WGL.com.

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