When the police call you deerfield, don’t expect to hear a word from them

When the police call you deerfield, don’t expect to hear a word from them

Posted March 03, 2019 18:13:55Police in Somerset are calling on people to be vigilant and to be mindful of what they’re doing in public.

The township is home to a community of hunters and has a reputation for being a good spot to catch a deer.

But police are urging people to avoid getting caught in the act of public intoxication, as it could have deadly consequences.

“We’re not saying that’s the case here in Somerset, but it’s a concern for us,” Detective Inspector Greg Williams said.

“A lot of people in Somerset have their own little corner of the world where they don’t really have any contact with the police.”

Police have issued a warning to locals to not get into the act.

“There’s an area on the township that’s known as Deerfield Academy, and it’s been known to be very popular with the local community,” Detective Superintendent Greg Williams told ABC Rural.

“I would encourage people to not go there, and to just be aware of what you’re doing and be careful, and if it’s something you can do about it, you can.”

He said police were looking for the owner of the property.

“Any person who’s got the intention to do something dangerous, we’d like to talk to them,” he said.

Police are also urging people who see people smoking cannabis, drinking alcohol and using drugs to call police.

“If you see a person who you think is impaired, you need to make sure that they’re alright and that they’ve got the appropriate support, you know, to be able to safely and safely get away from the situation,” Detective Sergeant Williams said, adding police were also concerned about the use of mobile phones in public places.

“People can be seen smoking marijuana, using drugs and driving at high speeds,” Detective Sgt Williams said and urged people to check if they were driving safely before they enter a public place.

“Do not get caught up in any of these activities,” he added.

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