Which school is the best for you?

The world’s best schools are the ones with the best curriculum, the most teachers and the best facilities, but for many people, those qualities don’t translate into earning a degree.

Some choose to study abroad.

Others enroll in community colleges.

Some attend private schools.

And some simply choose a different type of school than they would at home.

So what are the top schools for those who prefer not to go to school?

And what are some other factors to consider when choosing a school?

Here are the schools with the most international students in the US:Brentwood Academy, a private high school in New Jersey, has more than 5,000 international students enrolled, and students from 57 countries.

Students can choose from one of six schools:Bristol Academy, which is the largest private school in the state, has a total of 6,500 students.

Students can choose one of seven colleges:The University of the Arts, a public university in Virginia, has 8,000 students.

Students from over 70 countries attend the school.

The school also has a large alumni network.

The College of William & Mary, which enrolls more than 16,000 undergraduates and a high percentage of graduate students, has 3,000.

Students are divided into two categories: those who are enrolled in an accredited college program, and those who choose a non-accredited college program.

Duke University has more then 1,100 international students.

The majority are from the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, and Ireland.

The university also has an alumni network of more than 2,000 alumni.

The University of Pennsylvania, which has more students from over 30 countries, has about 4,000 total international students, including students from China, India, Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam.

Spencer Hall, a nonprofit school in Maryland, has an enrollment of more like 6,000, including about 7,000 undergraduate students.

Its mission is to educate the world through teaching and research.

The School of Visual Arts, an online-only private school, has 1,200 international students and about 1,600 graduate students.

The University at Buffalo has about 3,600 international students across its campuses in the Buffalo area, including more than 8,500 undergraduates.

Its goal is to build global education, not just through international students but through programs across all fields.

The Center for International Education, an education and learning organization based in New York City, has around 1,000 student international students who study across 21 different fields.

The College of the Holy Cross has more international students than any other public school in America.

The college has about 8,700 undergraduate and graduate students from 23 countries.

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago has around 2,300 international students on campus, with more than 3,300 in graduate programs.

The art school has a massive alumni network, and the school also offers a variety of programs in the areas of theater, design, film and design.

The Art Institute’s campus is located in Chicago.

The school of business has more student international visitors than any public university.

Its enrollment is about 5,400 students across 24 different countries.

The business school has more overseas students than the rest of the world combined.

The American College of Arts and Sciences has more foreign students in its ranks than all but three of the other public universities in the country.

The Wharton School of Business has more International students than all of the public universities combined.

More than 3.8 million international students live in the United States, with the majority of them studying at the Wharton school.

It has a strong alumni network and a strong reputation in the global community.

The Bryn Mawr School of Engineering has about 2,200 students from around the world studying at its campus in Pennsylvania.

It’s an online school that offers courses in nearly 80 countries.

Its main goal is providing a global education to the entire world through an interdisciplinary approach.

The Center for the Study of International Education at The University at Albany has about 1.6 million international student visitors.

It is a public institution that offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in all 21 countries in which it serves.

The schools focus is to provide international students with an international education and to prepare them to participate in the workforce.

The Institute of International Development, a division of the American International Group, has over 1.5 million international undergraduates who study in more than 120 countries.