When did we reach the point of no return?

When did we reach the point of no return?

Alpha Omega Academy is an Australian Christian school that is famous for its “Alpha Omega Program”, a program of indoctrination that teaches the children how to be Christian and how to live by Jesus’ commandments.

It has also taught that homosexuality is sinful and must be opposed.

But according to the school’s website, it is not an officially Christian school and it is the only Christian school in Australia to be accredited by the Southern Christian Leadership Academy (SCLA).

The school also has a strong connection to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and is known for its Christian themes and teachings.

“The Bible says that Jesus was the son of Mary and was crucified in Jerusalem by Herodias.

So, you can see that it’s the same Jesus that is the Father, and he died to save us,” the SCLA website states.”

This program teaches the doctrine of the Father in heaven.

It teaches the doctrines of Jesus, who is the son and the Son of God, and his resurrection.””

When we look at the Bible and the history of Jesus in the Old Testament, it teaches the truth about the Father and the son,” the website says.”

It teaches that we are in the same place, that there is one God and we are one body.””

This is the doctrine that has been taught in every school in the world since the beginning,” a SCLa spokesman said.”

Alpha Omega is not a church, it’s not a cult, it doesn’t have a membership of any kind.”

The SCLT spokesman said the school did not respond to requests for comment.

The ABC’s Christian Today program visited the school in November last year and heard of a “spiritual journey” being made to learn more about the school.

“We’re trying to build up the confidence that people in the community have to know what the school is all about,” the spokesman said at the time.

“If people want to talk to the staff about what they’ve seen, they should feel free to do so.”

You can’t be a Christian, you have to learn what the gospel is.”‘

We’re really happy with our future’The Scla website says it has an enrollment of more than 2,000 students.”

To date, the SclA has been accredited by both the Southern Baptist Convention and the Australian Christian Leadership Council,” the school website says, referring to the Southern Baptists’ governing body in Australia.”

They have both recognised that Alpha Omega has a long history of excellence in its mission and curriculum, and the school has been recognised by the Australian Education Standards Agency for a number of years.””

As a result of this, we have been awarded a BSA Accreditation Certificate in the School of Education.

“The ABC has spoken to two alumni of the school, both of whom said they were not aware of any complaints about the Sckab program.

One alumni said: “I’ve never been to an academy where the curriculum was that far out of touch with reality.””

They’ve got all these different programs that are very popular in Australia, like the Bible, but they don’t teach the whole truth about Jesus, they teach all these things that are in contradiction to the Bible,” the other said.

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