How does Trinity Christie’s fashion line connect students to their faith?

How does Trinity Christie’s fashion line connect students to their faith?

News Corp Australia January 06, 2018 16:14:47Connections Academy has been selling its line of high-fashion, bespoke, and home accessories for the past six years.

Now, its founder, Trinity Christ, is trying to change the conversation about fashion and faith, and the relationship between fashion and education.

“It’s a very different world,” she says.

“And people are really aware of that, so I think it’s really important that people are aware that they’re a part of that.”

As well as creating a community for young people to connect with fashion, Connections Academy also connects them with the larger fashion industry.

“I think one of the main reasons why we have the success we’ve had is because of the brand that Trinity is creating,” says Trinity’s head of communications, Ashley Hickey.

“It’s one of our biggest brands, so we’ve been very fortunate to be able to reach people across all of our brands.”

Connections is selling a range of clothing and accessories in partnership with a range the companies are developing together.

“We’re very excited about our partnership with Trinity,” says Hickey, “and we’re really excited about bringing those products to market.”

“They have the highest-quality products in the world, so it’s a great fit.”

Connectives has become a leading brand in the retail space, with a focus on providing a high-quality service to the consumer.

“In addition to a great brand, we also know that a great service is an important component of a successful retail business,” says Christie.

“We believe that having a good customer experience is a core part of being successful.”

As the fashion industry continues to evolve, so too do the ways in which we connect with it.

“The beauty of fashion is that you’re not limited to a certain aesthetic,” says Cross.

“You can have a very specific look, but it’s still about a feeling, it’s about a story, it really is about the essence of the person, and that’s why I love fashion so much.”

Connectings Academy founder Trinity Christy explains why the company is excited about the partnership with the fashion brand.

“You can feel your heart out in the fabric, the quality of the fabrics, the craftsmanship and the design,” she explains.

“Connections makes all of that possible.”

A fashion brand is a brand created to enhance a person’s sense of self.

“When you see a person walking down the street, you feel like that person has a personality, you have a sense of who they are,” she adds.

“So the fact that you can connect with a person, connect with their body and their spirit, is so much more meaningful.”

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