How to build a school in India – An exclusive look at the journey

How to build a school in India – An exclusive look at the journey

A year ago, as India was gearing up for its first state of the art primary school, the country’s first-year students were greeted with the familiar sounds of music, songs and dance.

Now, the first-graders are singing along to the music at school.

But there’s a new twist, the teachers say, that has transformed the atmosphere.

A video on the official YouTube channel of the Chesterbrook Academy of Science & Technology, for instance, shows a group of students sitting on a bench and dancing to the popular band K.K.K., with a girl in a kurta and a boy in a tutu.

The school is set to inaugurate the first in a series of two-year science academies across India.

The first academy, which opened in the western city of Hyderabad last year, is set up in a rural part of Hydergarh, near the Indian border, and will train about 1,500 first- and second-year children.

The second academy, set up by Chesterfield in southern India, will focus on the technology sector, but is set in an urban environment, where the students are being trained in computers, video games, science and technology.

“We are really excited about the change in the way the curriculum is being structured,” said Ashish Chatterjee, a teacher at the second academy.

Chatterjee said the students who will attend the new academy will get an education that will be different from the traditional school.

The curriculum will focus mainly on science and maths.

Students will also have access to the Internet and a local language.

“The technology and the internet have changed everything.

We will be a digital world, he said.

“Now, I can read newspapers and send them to my mother and grandmother.””

When I was at school, I was only using a smartphone,” he said, adding that he didn’t even know how to write.

“Now, I can read newspapers and send them to my mother and grandmother.”

Chaudhas a video on his Facebook page, showing the students dancing with a kazoo.

(Facebook)Chaudhes, who lives in Chesterville, said he is thrilled to be attending the first science academy, but it is important to remember that this is a one-off event.

“I have been here for 10 years now, and this is the first time we will be doing it for the entire class,” he explained.

“The first year is going to be a very exciting year for the kids.

We have got the technology to make sure the kids are not bored,” he added.