How to teach your kids to love Israel

How to teach your kids to love Israel

If you’re one of the tens of thousands of Americans who have taught your kids about Israel, you’re probably not in the best shape right now.

You probably didn’t grow up in a family where you knew much about the country.

That’s the message that’s coming to the forefront in the United States this week as Israel has officially begun hosting the first United Nations conference to discuss the issue of Palestinian statehood.

That event, known as the United Nations Special Session on the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, is scheduled for Sept. 12.

And it’s an event with a number of other high-profile guests, including former President Barack Obama, who’s scheduled to be there as well.

Israel has become a hot topic in American political life over the past year and a half, after Donald Trump, the president who won the 2016 presidential election, suggested the country could become an independent state if it’s attacked.

But the Israeli government has been quiet on the issue, refusing to condemn Trump and refusing to call on him to cancel his trip.

It’s something that the country’s political leaders, both at home and abroad, have tried to keep quiet about.

There’s been a tendency for American politicians to keep their distance, to stay out of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The US has been at odds with Israel over several other issues, from Iran to the Keystone XL pipeline, but the current tension over the Palestinian issue has been particularly thorny, especially when it comes to the Palestinian Authority, or PA, the governing body of the Palestinians.

The Israeli government maintains that it will not recognize a Palestinian state until the two parties reach a peace agreement.

But Palestinians have consistently rejected that position, claiming that they will only reach a two-state solution once Israel ends its occupation of the West Bank.

The U.S. has a different position on this issue, arguing that the Palestinian leadership should work toward a two state solution through negotiations, and that they would have no interest in creating a Palestinian entity in the West.

For many Americans, this is a sensitive topic.

The Palestinian issue is one of several in a long line of Israeli-US relations that has been strained since the 1967 war.

And while the Palestinians are entitled to the right to self-determination, the United Kingdom and other European countries have been reluctant to recognize their rights, and Israel has not recognized a single international legal recognition of Palestinian rights.

In the United State, there are three main parties in Israeli politics, with each representing one of five ethnic groups: the Israeli majority, the Arab minority, and a small number of Palestinians.

There are also a number Jewish settlers and a handful of Palestinians who don’t consider themselves Jewish.

And the United Arab Emirates, an important trading partner for the U.K., has not recognised Israel as a Jewish state, which many Palestinians see as a betrayal.

It also has not accepted the establishment of a Palestinian “state of Palestine,” the status quo that the Palestinians claim to want.

The United States has long been a strong supporter of Israel.

But it is not alone in supporting Israel’s right to exist.

Many countries have also been supportive of the Jewish state.

For example, the U;s most recent Defense Department report stated that Israel “is a bulwark of international stability, the only country in the region with the capacity to deter the rise of violent extremism.”

And while some Israeli leaders have said that they’re open to a two State solution, others have repeatedly stated that they wouldn’t accept a Palestinian State.

But for most Israelis, this has become the most pressing issue in their life.

It is also one of their biggest fears, since Israel’s policies are viewed by many as being responsible for the rise in extremism in the country, including the rise to a new wave of attacks in recent years.

The issue of the Palestinian state has been on the forefront of American public and private consciousness for the past few years.

During the campaign, Trump claimed that his views on the Middle East were similar to the views of the people of Israel, but that the Israeli leader has been more moderate on the matter.

Trump’s comments were so divisive that he was booed off the stage when he spoke.

It was during his campaign that Trump first expressed an interest in a two nation solution, and he’s since been more open about it.

The recent United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Israel’s illegal settlements on Palestinian land and settlements in the occupied West Bank, which passed on Monday, was another step toward the recognition of a separate Palestinian state.

But some Israelis still remain opposed to the idea.

This is because they see it as part of a larger effort by the U S to destabilize Israel.

“There’s a very powerful movement in Israel that wants to bring a third state to Israel,” a former Israeli government official told The Jerusalem Times.

“And it’s not about peace but it’s about the destabilization of the country.”

The United Nations General Assembly, which meets in New York every five years, meets every five days.

But every six weeks

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