What is the North Star Academy’s future?

What is the North Star Academy’s future?

The North Star, a Melbourne sports trampsoline and gymnastics academy, has announced that it is to move into a new location.

The move comes as the company announced that the company’s board of directors will meet on Friday to discuss the future of the sports facility.

North Star Academy chief executive Paul Dennison said the new location would provide a greater opportunity for students to be able to compete and achieve their potential.

“This will be a place for the children to get a chance to meet the best athletes in the world and to have a chance at winning a medal at the North Stars, so that’s a great opportunity for the kids and a great place to start their lives,” he said.

“We are looking forward to hosting a great community of students from all ages who will be able come and enjoy the NorthStar facility as part of the school day.”

North Star’s current site is at the Olympic Park in Melbourne.

Dennison also said the company would continue to provide its athletes with a unique training environment and to offer scholarships.

“The North Star is the oldest and most successful school in Melbourne and we know that we are a special place for our students, so the fact that we will be continuing to run our school with this new location will be great news for our young people and for our family,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

The academy will continue to operate at the current location, which has been vacant since it closed in 2014.

North Stars athletics director Kevin Anderson said the decision to move was a great day for the entire school.

“It’s an exciting time for our boys and girls,” he explained.

“In all our years here, we’ve had a lot of kids come and play in the trampole, but to have this new facility, and to be in a position to compete, is a real testament to the skills we have.”

As we move forward, I know we will continue providing our athletes with the best environment possible to develop and grow their skills.

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