NCAA awards $1.2M to UAB for sports medicine team

NCAA awards $1.2M to UAB for sports medicine team

The NCAA has awarded UAB Athletics $1,322,091 to support its sports medicine program, the university announced Thursday.

The athletic department has been in the midst of a major sports medicine overhaul, which includes expanding sports medicine and its clinical and performance management program to include more sports.

The university also has added new clinical and clinical performance management faculty members.

The money will support an expansion of the school’s sports medicine training and clinical experience and the construction of a new sports medicine building, as well as a major facility for the university’s medical-education and academic-research program.

The Athletics Department received $631,919 for sports-specific academic services and $3,543,958 for sports academic support, said athletic director Mike Davis.

The new athletic facilities will include a football and men’s basketball facility and a new indoor practice facility, Davis said.UAB athletics has received $4.7 million in federal funding for sports for fiscal year 2019.

The department is also working on a new athletic wellness plan, which will include additional athletic-health training and academic support.