Trinity Christian Academy logo, trinity christians academy logo to change from ‘A’ to ‘B’ to help educate students

Trinity Christian Academy logo, trinity christians academy logo to change from ‘A’ to ‘B’ to help educate students

TRINITY CHRISTIAN ACADEMY, Texas (AP) A prominent Texas high school logo has been changed from an arrow to a star, and the school is using the term “A-to-B” instead of the traditional “A” to stand for “American Education.”

Trinity Christian Academy, a private Catholic high school in Houston, used to be known as Trinity Christian High School.

Now it’s called Trinity Christian College.

The change came Thursday after an AP review of the school’s school year website.

It was announced as the school announced the hiring of its first openly gay and lesbian student leader and for a $2.2 million renovation of its auditorium.

The school’s logo, featuring a star and an arrow, is a combination of the letters “TCC” in the lower right corner and the letters of “AC” in upper left.

It says “the highest honor is to serve the people of Texas.”

Trinity Christian College is one of two private Catholic schools in Texas that is the subject of a national push to eliminate the “A to B” design.

The new logo shows an arrow pointing up to a “B” that’s crossed out.

A “A-” and an “B-” are replaced with an “A.”

“It is important to us that the students who go through our education, especially those who have come from families that may have been difficult, that we do everything we can to be supportive and open to their struggles,” Trinity College spokeswoman Jennifer Rizzo said in an email.

The design is part of a push by the conservative Christian right to make the American education a priority.

The move comes as Texas’ statewide school board is considering changes to its charter school system.

Trinity College is among a handful of schools that have made significant changes to their logos in recent years.

The school’s new logo features the word “Catholic” in a lower-case lettering, replacing “Academy” in its current design.

The new logo also includes the word in lowercase, as well as a smaller version of the word with “A,” “B,” “C” and “D” instead.

The changes were made at the request of the board.

The board is expected to make its final decision about the changes next week.

Trinities enrollment rose more than 3 percent last year to 7,749 students.

It also had the second-highest percentage of Hispanic students in Texas.

The district says enrollment is expected grow to 6,500 this year and to about 9,500 in 2019.

The district has said it has no plans to change the logo.

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