What will happen to the Milan academy?

What will happen to the Milan academy?

It is almost time for the Milan Academy to end its 13-year existence, as the club will sell its facilities in the city of Genoa to private equity firm Vini Vini.

The sale will mean that Milan will not have a permanent academy, and will have to make do with academy players being sent to clubs around Italy for the duration of their careers.

However, the sale will not be completed until 2021, meaning that players like Callejon, Tommaso Bianchi and Simone De Rossi will be leaving Milan for bigger clubs, and that will only make things worse for the players, many of whom have been there since they were youngsters.

“The Milan Academy will be sold to a consortium of investors.

They have not made any announcement yet, but there will be no permanent academy in the next 15 years,” the club said.”

Milan has always been committed to providing young players with the best possible chance to play at the highest level.

We are committed to developing our players and we will work to create an environment that is supportive of this.”

It’s no surprise, then, that the sale of the academy is expected to be announced in the coming days, with the transfer of players set to take place in January.

According to a statement from the club, a number of players from the academy will join bigger clubs.

“Milan Academy will receive the same number of transfer fees as a club in the second tier, but a club with the same revenue will receive more players.

Milan Academy’s transfer fee will be €15 million,” it said.

The club said that Milan Academy would continue to play in Genoa, but that it would not be using the academy facilities in that city.

The transfer fee paid for the transfer, however, will be a little lower than what was paid to Juventus, but it’s likely that the fee will not include the costs of a new stadium or academy facilities.

“We can confirm that the total sum paid for transfer fees will be lower than that for Juventus in the summer transfer window, but the total amount paid for academy fees will exceed that paid to Juve in the transfer window,” the statement read.

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