Military academies across the country are raising tuition by 20%

Military academies across the country are raising tuition by 20%

ARSENAL, Texas—AUSTIN—The Academy of Military Arts and Sciences of the United States Air Force announced Thursday it is raising tuition at its six academies in the next fiscal year by 20%, to $36,000 for each undergraduate degree.

The academy also said it will reduce its scholarship award for students who take less than one-quarter of a credit hour.

The academy will increase the amount of financial aid it awards for its students and increase the number of scholarships it offers.

The announcement comes a week after the Air Force said it would increase the annual cost of tuition at some of its academies by 20%.

The Air Force Academy in Texas is the only academy that is exempt from the cut in tuition, but the academy’s budget is capped at $10 million.

The Air Academy in Oklahoma is the other academy that was exempted from the cuts.

The Air Force’s decision to hike tuition comes as the Air Academy is under pressure to raise tuition.

In January, the Air National Guard announced that it was raising tuition for all of its students by 20 percent over three years.

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