Australian gun manufacturer offers ‘free’ gun-shooting lessons to schoolchildren

Australian gun manufacturer offers ‘free’ gun-shooting lessons to schoolchildren

A new company in the gun industry is offering lessons on gun safety and self-defense to Australian schoolchildren, in an attempt to counter an alarming rise in gun violence.

Gunfire is one of the main issues in the country and has been blamed for at least three deaths in the last month.

The company, called Heritage Academy Sports Guns, was founded in the United States, where it offers a range of firearms, including military-style assault rifles.

HCSG is one company in a large Australian gun-manufacturing industry which has been hit by a wave of gun violence since the end of World War Two, when the country’s gun laws were toughened to try and curb gun crime.

It is the latest in a long line of companies to offer gun-safety courses to schools.

In February, Australian gunmaker Maruti unveiled a range to teach young people how to protect themselves from guns, including using a gun holster, shooting at targets, using a belt-fed weapon, and using a hand gun.

Marmuti said the classes would run for two weeks and cost $80, and that it was working with a range in New South Wales to provide similar training.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has pledged to do more to curb gun violence, and the ABC has revealed he is working with the states to create a National Emergency Response Team, to help with a mass emergency response.

At a news conference in Sydney on Wednesday, Mr Morrison said he had instructed the Federal Government to look at ways to expand the National Emergency response, and would consider providing funding to help schools with the training.

The Government has said it has committed $1.4 billion to a national gun safety program, but only around $300 million has been allocated.

“This is a great start,” Mr Morrison told the ABC.

“We have some very good programs in place in the States, but there’s no funding at the moment.”


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