Why Massachusetts MASS Maritime Academy won’t be recruiting a woman anymore

Why Massachusetts MASS Maritime Academy won’t be recruiting a woman anymore

Posted by Wired on Monday, August 10, 2018 08:30:05 Massachusetts Maritime Academy will no longer accept female applicants to its midshipman corps.

The school announced the decision after several high-profile sexual assault cases were filed against the academy, including the case of a senior sailor who was raped by a fellow midshipmen.

MassMSA spokesperson Julie L. Martin told the Boston Globe that the decision was made after a year of research, and was based on the school’s response to the incidents, including how it handles the investigation of students who are believed to have committed crimes.

“[Our response] is based on our policy, and that policy has been and continues to be, that it is inappropriate for a midship student to participate in a sexual assault investigation,” she said.

“It was a matter of being able to put the right information to the right people, and it was also a matter that we had an understanding that we were not going to be able to get through this investigation and make progress on it.”

The news of the decision comes on the heels of a wave of sexual assault allegations against MSA, with multiple cases of sexual assaults and harassment reported at the school.

The Boston Globe reported that in January, the school said it had lost at least one of its midshipsman corps members, a woman who was accused of sexually assaulting a cadet, and the school was already under fire from other cadets for the school district’s failure to hold an investigation.

After a two-week investigation into the alleged assault, the Massachusetts Maritime Board of Education found the school failed to take action against the alleged victim, and a district-wide investigation was launched.

“The board is currently reviewing the allegations, and will continue to evaluate the school and all of its students, including those who have been identified by the school,” the board said in a statement.

The announcement comes after a number of high-level cases of misconduct at the MSA program have come to light in recent months, including allegations of rape by a cadets instructor, the rape of a freshman midshipwoman, and accusations that a cadastain sexually assaulted a cadette.

In June, the MSC issued a report on the state’s new mandatory sexual assault policies, which included an outline of a mandatory code of conduct for midshipwomen and cadets, as well as a list of specific incidents that could be considered sexual assault.