Why do we not have a Hindu education in India?

Why do we not have a Hindu education in India?

The idea that we should educate our children in the ways of a Hinduism is an old one.

This was a common sentiment even before the founding of India.

The idea that Hinduism should be taught to our children as an intrinsic part of our education was widely accepted even before that.

It was the first step towards making the nation Hindu, a word that would be the foundation of our national identity and our political future.

But today, in 2017, the government is making it even harder for us to achieve this goal.

While many of us are learning our Hinduism from textbooks, the same is not the case in schools.

The Bharatiya Janata Party government in Delhi has proposed a slew of changes to the Indian education system.

These include introducing mandatory classes on Hinduism and Hinduism-related subjects in all public and private schools, with students required to complete the required curriculum before the commencement of their courses.

This is a big step backward in the belief that Hindu values should be integrated into our children’s lives.

It is not only teachers who are in the lurch.

Many schools have also been asked to ensure that their students take a course in Hinduism.

There is also a move to ensure the students are able to study their religions in their respective languages.

These are all steps that the BJP government has taken to ensure there is no room for Hinduism in the classroom.

We must never lose sight of the fact that we are all students and that we will not learn our religions in isolation.

It is not right that we must be taught as a religion.

We must learn our faiths from our parents, grandparents, teachers and friends.

What we should be learning is the difference between the Hindus we know and the ones that do not know.

At the same time, it is important to understand the difference that we have.

We have a rich heritage of religion and culture, with thousands of books and scriptures, hundreds of temples and shrines.

Our country has been built on a foundation of tolerance and respect for minorities, women and the disabled.

As such, we should not be trying to force our way into a religion we do not share.

If we do, we will lose sight, we can see it in our own minds.

The BJP has not been able to achieve its goal of turning India into a Hindu state by using the law to do so.

There are many other things the BJP could have done that are beneficial for the development of the country.

The real test of our democracy will be how it deals with the challenge of making a Hindu society in India.