How to make the most of the school year

How to make the most of the school year

Calvary Academy in Ireland has had to deal with the shock of the Great British Invasion of the 1950s and 1960s.

It is now one of the oldest Catholic schools in the country.

As part of the new National Year, the school is looking to get the majority of its students enrolled in GCSEs.

The new year starts on February 16th.

This means that the school has just one day to organise its new year activities.

This will include a traditional feast for the students and their families and the launch of the annual Christmas book, The Advent Calendar.

It also means that all the new year’s activities will have to be planned for the following week.

“It will be very exciting to have students in the classroom, because this will be our first year that we are not at the end of the year,” said the principal, Patrick Cavanagh.

He said that the traditional holiday feast for students and staff is a big draw for the school.

The school is also looking to build its new website, which will feature the school’s logo.

Cavanagh said that if the school can keep up the enthusiasm it has shown over the years, it will be able to make this year’s calendar a success.

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