What you need to know about St Joseph’s Athletic Academy’s coupon school

What you need to know about St Joseph’s Athletic Academy’s coupon school

An umbrella academy in Long Beach, California, is offering a new incentive for students to sign up for its $300 voucher program.

The St Josephs Academy of Music and Arts offers $300 vouchers to students in grades 6 through 12 who have attended a music academy and whose parents have a $250 enrollment limit.

As part of the $300 offer, students who enroll at St Joseph s arts school during the school year will get 20% off their arts-related fees.

The school offers a wide array of musical instruments and instrument lessons for students of all ages, including the latest instruments for the electronic instrument, electric guitar, trumpet, cello, violin, and piano.

St Josephs students can earn the vouchers through their parents or a school member, or through their enrollment at an arts academy.

St. Josephs Arts Academy, which has a campus in Longwood, has seen its enrollment jump from 2,000 students in the fall of 2013 to more than 12,000 in 2014, the school’s website says.

Its popularity has grown to include artists such as Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Jay-Plans.

The St. Joseph s art school has been awarded a coveted spot on the National Merit Scholarship, which is awarded to students who have demonstrated excellence in academic performance, and to students with a demonstrated passion for art.

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