About Us

The Sadalpur Academy an English medium school is run by (India). This institute was started in the year and is successfully providing the best education from Nursery to 10th standard.

Needless to quote the parents satisfaction and appreciation with regards to discipline and quality education rendered by this school. The dedicated teaching staff leaves no any stone unturned to ensure that the student must understand his subject.

Education to the children is imparted based on Indian culture, Traditional values ,spiritual belief and morality. The motivated teaching staff take personal care to improve qualitative magnitude and all round development of the children in the school. Discipline must be based on the example and self control because we at the school are involved not in the control in the masses but in the individual development for leadership. In an age when leisure is recognized as essential for development ,its good use is an indication of a good education. Sporting activity encourages the pursuit of excellence but never at the cost of teamwork. Academic performance is paramount but equally important is the development of the intellect and well-hold skills of communication. We should desire that our students enter through the Gyan Dwar and leave through the Shakti Dwar with an Enquiring mind, a sense of social and moral values , a sense of service and compassion for those less fortunate, a respect for nature , tolerance , a sense of humor and the attributes to become good citizens of India and the world.

The founding members of this school are solemnly inspired by pious and missionary zeal. We are teemed up with patriotic gusto and committed to work towards nation building by rendering education very genuinely to the young buds of the new era.